Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm back from a wonderful week in Hawaii. I think we've finally reached a good point as a family where travel isn't purely stressful but filled with some really nice moments that far outweigh the temper tantrums and exhaustion. (FINALLY!) After the past couple trips, I was so happy to be home and promised myself we'd just stay put and avoid venturing too far from the stability and predictability of home. Today, however, I find it kind of nice to be thinking about the next big trip and knowing that we are capable of traveling and enjoying each other's company as a family. I think the husband and I have also decided that the island of Oahu is more our speed as a family with kids. Our usual Hawaiian destination is Kauai. Maybe we were expecting too much to expect the kids to appreciate the wild and untamed beauty of Kauai. All they want is a beach, some sand and a shaved ice. In Oahu, it's easy to find all of that without even having to get in the car. Perfect.

Didn't pick up the sketch book once. Took a few pictures, but mostly of the kids. But I did manage to do some fabric shopping. I love the availability of beautiful Japanese prints in most fabric stores - I could have spent hours in Fabric Mart if the 1-year old hadn't insisted on coming with me. Maybe having him there was a blessing because I found myself falling in love with rolls of fabric and thinking, "Hmmm... there must be SOMETHING I can make with this... and this... and this..." I ended up with this stack of prints and I'm still not really sure what I'll do with them. Maybe a scrapbook cover for an album with all of our Hawaiian trips. We'll see.

After a visit with my Auntie (my Grandmother's sister) in Honolulu (it was so wonderful to see her - like seeing my Grandmother once again), I can't get the idea of retiring in Hawaii out of my mind. Her retirement residence was so beautiful and the residents were all so cute wearing their bright aloha shirts and muu muus. Of course, the $350 we spent for a week's worth of groceries put paradise in perspective. Aloha isn't cheap! I guess if you've lived there your entire life, like Auntie has, the high cost of living is all you know. Funny commentary about this over at The Lost Hawaiian. I certainly can sympathize!


The Jen said...

I love Fabric Mart and although I've only been to Hawaii a couple of times, its my FIRST stop. Thankfully, my husband is understanding. Did you know that fabric is printed right on the island? Great finds! ~jen~

Josie said...

More Hawaii trip details, por favor! And pics too! What did you do with the kiddies? I can't wait until your next trip out there, we'll do our best to try and meet you there for a few days (as long as we don't horn in on your family time)! Gotta start hoarding those Hawaiian Miles now! ;-)