Sunday, November 27, 2005

christmas time is here...happiness and cheer...

So happy because I just finished building my display for Bazaar Bizarre. And to top that off, I fashioned these nifty card racks too. So incredibly productive today! Who am I all of the sudden? [there's that scene in "Best of Show" where the guy with two left feet, literally, makes a joke and the gay guy says, "who are you all of the sudden?" it] So I'm still plugging away at getting my lot together. Feeling good, though. Don't think my table will be empty. And THAT'S a good sign. Mostly, though, I'm excited to see all the other vendors that will be there at the Bazaar Bizarre. I love the calendar from Lemonade Maid. And Katy Kristin looks real fun. I'd love to get something from Bauden Foss for the house. I'm not even scratching the surface stay tuned for an update once I've seen all the wonderful goods for myself.
It's the HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!!
Decorated the tree last night. Purchased a beautiful tree from this christmas tree lot down the street. I mentioned to my husband how I remember buying our trees from that lot every year when I was little. How I imagined that these people came out from the mountains once a year to sell their trees. So, instead of going to Walmart (eek!) or Home Depot this year, we went to the christmas tree lot - still run by the same people who ran it when I was little. We talked a little with the wife half of the tree lot team, and low and behold...they're from Oregon and come down this time of year every year to sell their trees. So my imagination wasn't that far off at all. And you know we probably spent like $10 more than we would of if we had gone to Walmart. Money well spent, I think. I'd rather give my extra ten bucks to the little guy than throw it all in to the corporate money mongers.

Friday, November 25, 2005

feeling rolly polly olly

This is what I'm baking up today...
Well, not really baking, but the oven serves as a perfect drying rack for my freshly printed notecards.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day feast. I'm sure, like us, that everybody's fridge is now packed with leftovers. I myself just ate stuffing for breakfast. God I love stuffing.

The Vendor Gallery for the Bazaar Bizarre is now up for all to window shop. There are several crafters that I hope to do some Christmas shopping from while I'm there. You can bet I won't be out there with all the credit card carrying, bargain seeking, gonna-save-a-dollar after thanksgiving day shoppers. No sir. We're dropping Mr. Munchkin off with grandma while we sneak in a movie. It's probably been about 9 months since my husband and I have seen a movie together. (maybe even longer because I can't even remember what movie it was we saw last) Wish the drive-in theatre was still around. That's the only way we'd be able to catch a movie together with a 2-year old on a more regular basis.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

simple schmimple

Lot on my little plate right now. Big TWO birthday party this weekend. Paycheck work. Baz biz projects. Why couldn't I just stick to my initial promise to keep this birthday party simple? I've got all kinds of finger foods in the works. AND, because they're the birthday boy's favorite, I'm making black-and-white cookies (a la New York) to wrap up and give out as favors. So, you could say that simple has flown right out the window.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

busy little crafter

Cutting, sewing, printing, drawing, brainstorming, measuring, snipping, clipping, gluing, painting, tracing and ~hmmm, let's see, what else?~ creating!

Time to start some silkscreening. This little drawing is what I'll be printing on t-shirts. Need to run down to kinkos to get my negative printed. But that would require actually changing out of my pajamas and slippers. Ah, the sacrifice!

Friday, November 11, 2005

what i've been up to

Someone I used to work with thought it was so funny to ask, "Working hard? Or hardly working?" Every day..."working hard? or hardly working"...then a wink and a smile.

Don't know why that just came to me.

Paycheck job has been eating up a lot of my time. But Bizarre Bazaar looms over my head like a little black raincloud and my mind has been ticking away to keep my head in the game with what I need to get done. (and now, I can hear Winnie the Pooh singing, "I'm just a little black raincloud hovering over the honey tree...") Worked out a concept for my display, and in true architect fashion, I generated sketches, then floor plans and finally a 3D model. Need something high to hang mobiles from, something to hang bags from and a stepped surface for displaying smaller free-standing items. Now I need to get out there and build it! Soon as Mr. Munchkin wakes from his nap and I don't have to tip toe around like a mouse.

Just finished cutting all the wings for the critters on my mobiles. My hand is cramped and I'm sure a blister will be developing on my knuckle where the scissor handle hits my finger when cutting through something thick.

I've been meaning to post pictures of the mobiles I'm making for the bazaar. But in typical Dawn fashion, it took me 2 days to plug my camera in and recharge the battery. For 2 whole days I knew it would only take like 5 seconds to plug the thing in, but for 2 days I'd look at the camera sitting there on the counter and pass right on by it thinking, "I'll do it right after [insert meaningless task here]." So now that the camera is charged, it will probably be another couple of days before I actually get around to taking the pictures I've been meaning to take for nearly a week now. Not really sure what to call this bad habit of mine. Procrastination? Laziness? ADD?

Major things on my to-do list:
1. get business cards made (any suggestions on some good online printers? everyone out there is making such beautiful cards for themselves...i'm totally inspired)
2. silk-screen shirts & onesies
3. gocco notecards
4. build display

Friday, November 04, 2005

I heart...

I Y this collage.
Right on point.

See more great work by
(also Y Google image search - it's how I found this image)