Monday, January 22, 2007

another excuse to bake

I loved this idea for packaging cookies from the January issue of MSL. Complete instructions here. You use those envelopes with the clear window for holding CDs/DVDs and then affix one of these snazzy little labels. The second I saw this idea (which was, of course, AFTER all the appropriate holidays for giving individually wrapped cookies had passed) I was immediately consumed with coming up with an excuse for using this idea. And then it occurred to me: I can give these to the nurses and staff at the hospital during my stay following delivery!

So I'll be baking cookies today. And with all the chocolate leftover from the holidays, chocolate chip cookies will be no problem at all. Chopped up all the remaining chocolate bars and consolidated all the half and quarter bags of chips in the freezer. I don't know how it is I always end up with leftover chocolate chunks in the freezer! I suppose the truth is I figure I will eventually find myself saying, " if only I had some chocolate." So there you go. It all worked out. For once, being the pack-rat that I am actually worked out to my benefit. I saved a whole, oh I don't know, twenty minutes because I didn't have to run down to the store to pick up a couple bags of chips.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

how very inappropriate of me

Maybe if they're cute,
no one will notice how rudely late my thank-you notes are...

Friday, January 12, 2007


It's an interesting time around the house - on top of the New Year and the promise of a clean slate, there's the impending arrival of #2 into our world. All the baby things are coming back out of storage, being washed dusted and assembled. Those necessities on the shopping list are being checked off one by one as we stock up our newborn supplies. And all the while, in the back of my mind, what I'm imagining are those first few magical weeks of adjustment. Learning how to be, now, parents of two. The first time around was complete insanity, now that I look back on it. We were absolutely nuts worrying about every little change in breathing pattern. This time, I think our worry will shift back and forth between #1 and #2 - is #1 getting enough attention? - is #2 getting the same kind of focus that #1 had? - is #1 adapting to the fact that he's not the solo center of our universe anymore? Yes, a whole new set of worries.

But as we get ready, there are also a whole bushel of images to look forward to. I smile at the thought of a boy in each of my arms, asleep on the couch. I look forward to seeing #1 take on the role as big, know-it-all brother. My heart melts when I picture the two of them holding hands as they run through the park. As with any beginning, there are those moments of anxiety and hesitation. But as I've learned from our experiences the first time around, once you're knee deep in it, those fears fly right out the door and you just adapt. That's what makes us unique as human beings, afterall, the ability to adapt to our environment rather than just wrinkle up and perish. Wicked Witch of the West sprayed with water we are not!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the boys' (plural...I love that) room

The nursery/kidlet room is coming together. Green on the baby side and blue on the little boy side. While in Hawaii over the summer, I came across these great Tropical ABCs flashcards. I nailed them up as a border along little boy's side of the room. You gotta love "A is for Aloha". Still have some mobiles to hang and some characters I'd like to paint on the wall. The idea of silkscreening some fabric for a window valance and shade is quickly falling from my radar, unfortunately. Who knows, maybe tonight I'll get an itch to stay up late and finish that up - but let's be realistic, shall we? The big leaf canopy is from Ikea. It was a whole lot bigger than I imagined. Had to mount the thing way up high so my husband wouldn't knock his head against it everytime he walked into the room! I'll put up more pictures of the murals later. (the light's got to be just right)

Monday, January 08, 2007

resolutions, part II

Sleepy sleepiness! New year off to a sluggish start. Here is the stuffed robot I attempted to make for my son for christmas. Considering the fact that I'm not photographing him from the waist down, it is safe for you to assume that he never actually got done. No legs, poor little guy. So now he's my project to complete before we head off to the hospital to bring baby brother into the world. Maybe he'll offer some comfort while we're away. Can't believe I'll spend as much as four nights away from my little guy - I've never spent a night away from him!

As for those resolutions that I never finished making. Shoot - should I bother? Of course there are the obvious ones: eat better, exercise waste less time watching TV. But I always like to throw some inspiring ones in there - resolutions that might actually put greatness into action. Is that possible? Is it possible to just decide that you're going to accomplish something and then make it happen? Seems to be possible for some. Question is - is it possible for all? Sure, why not.

But I'm off to a bad start. I'm actually sitting here, I'm ashamed to admit, watching The Lake House. While husband is away, chick flicks play. But watching this does remind me that I am a complete failure as a student of architecture for never having been to Chicago. So perhaps that should be a resolution: visit Chicago.

Maybe I'll just make these resolutions as I go.