Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Long walks on the beach uncovered this...

To keep myself from bringing home the entire beach I set a few parameters for myself.
My treasure hunt consisted of collecting:

1. beach glass
2. interesting rocks with holes in them
3. pink rocks (although these looked a whole lot pinker when they were wet!)
4. flat rocks (for painting on)
Our long weekend on the beach was great. We stayed at Jalama Beach which is about an hour or so north of Santa Barbara. It's way off the beaten path. Standing on the beach you don't see a single multi-complex development or black-paved parking lot. Just cliffs, sand, water and some fog banks that roll in over the hills. It's a bit windy. The water is a little too cold for diving into without a wetsuit. But the stars are magnificent at night. And the sand is clean. No cigarette butts, candy wrappers or empty beer cans here. At least none that I saw anyway.
I'd like to do some more beach camping this summer. Maybe next time we'll bum it and tent camp (this time we slept in the luxury of my parents' camper trailer). Dust off the old camp stove I remember mom cooking pancakes on when I was a kid. Bury the ice chest in the sand to keep the ice from melting. Shower outside wearing a swimsuit. I'll never forget camping on Kauai several years back. Nothing says aloha more than hearing those morning showers sprinkle down overhead on your tent...hoping the wind doesn't just rip the tarp off leaving you soaked through.
Going to see what I can make from my little beach treasures.
Jewelery from the beach glass?
Paintings on the flat rocks?
String the rocks with holes on some string?
Let's see what I can do...

Monday, May 30, 2005

sand everywhere

back from the beach!

more later...once the car is unpacked

Thursday, May 26, 2005

kitsch worship

my altar of kitsch

For a while now we've been picking up little knick knacks here and there when we travel. And when my husband travels on business, it's his job to seek out the tackiest souveniers possible to bring home. It was our 5 year wedding anniversary in January. In tradition (5th anniversary being wood) my husband gave me this shelf by an artist from Dallas. It was the *perfect* place for displaying our loveable junk. We did have quite a few more treasures at one time - but our then just over a year old son reached out for the shelf before I had the chance to hang it and probably more than 50% of the little items broke when the whole thing came crashing to the floor. Oh well...just gives us more incentive to fill the shelf (or, "altar") up! I'm considering putting a metal panel on the back so we could hang magnets there. Airports always have the tackiest magnets!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

color me pink!

~vintage wallpaper find~


Now that we have our new digital camera I'm happy to be shooting things to share here in my posts. This is a picture of our bathroom along with the vintage wallpaper I got on ebay. Need to find out what kind of wall prep I need to do before putting the paper up...but isn't it snazzy? It'll work nice because the tile, the tub and the toilet are all pink. So the pink wallpaper will make it all a little more coordinated. And since both the light fixture and the medicine cabinet/shelf above the sink are throw-back I think the mood of this wallpaper will definately make the bathroom appear *vintage* rather than *old*. The bottom picture is a sea urchin candle holder my mother-in-law gave me for Mother's Day. How perfect would that look in the bathroom next to this wallpaper? The floors also need replacing so I'm considering a black and white checkerboard in linoleum. (another attempt at that throw-back look)
Stay tuned for the "after" pictures!

little nothings

Working on little insects now. Hmmm...first imaginary flying animals...then whimsical plants...now bugs. My head is definately in the bog. Made this little bead for fun. My "little nothing" bead. Know those gnats that just swirl around and don't really appear to have any real purpose? Little nothings.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

hawaiian history lesson of the day


Polihale is the last beach you can access by land on the East side of Kauai. This begins the Na Pali coastline on the North shore. Na Pali in hawaiian literally translates to "the cliffs". So, all cliffs mean no cars! Polihale roughly means "home of the spirits".
It is believed that ancient hawaiians would jump from the tops of these cliffs into the ocean to die. Doing so would unite them with their aumakua, a family diety. Each family's aumakua was unique to that family, but they were all creatures from the ocean. Shark, green sea turtle, whale, dolphin. It was thought that when a member of your family dies, their spirit lives on in the form of one of these sea creatures and continues to protect the family. To jump from Na Pali would be an act of joining your ancestors for the continual protection of your family.
I LOVE hawaiian mythology!
Access to this beach is difficult. Just south of here is the location of the Pacific Missle Range Facility. Surfing is supposed to be excellent at Barking Sands (at the PMRF), but most roads that cross through the military base to get there have been blocked off since 9/11. The road to Polihale is very bumpy and sandy in spots (crosses through some sand dunes)...it's good to have 4WD. But it's worth it.
In contrast to the spirit of the ancient hawaiian mythology at this site is the activity of the PMRF. I believe they've stopped (I hope I'm right), but they used to launch underwater test missles here. The sound of these launches was known to be hazardous to the whales. Pods of whales would swim into bays to seek protection. I recall being underwater on the beach and actually being able to hear the whales singing. This was in January when the whales are in Hawaiian waters. It was so amazing. To think that mankind would do anything to hurt these fantastic creatures makes me sick. Wish we, today, had the same respect for the land, the sea and the animals that the Hawaiians did centuries ago.

Friday, May 20, 2005

green things


experimenting with vegetation in abstract
I've been pouring through websites, gardening books and magazines for plants with interesting shapes...but not so out of the ordinary that they'd be unrecognizable to most non-gardening types. In fact, I think weeds often have very nice shapes. I'm usually so busy pulling them in disgust that most of the time I fail to appreciate their beauty. After we got all that rain here in Southern California a few months back, I was just amazed at all the freeway flowers. And they were all just weeds, but my...what a sight! All that yellow! Now they're all brown (back to typical California roadsid growth). Well, it was nice while it lasted!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

oh bother!

Looks like our digital camera is dead.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

from sunday's new york times styles mag

where i want to vacation next...

"In the summer, you can leave London after work and come here and have a beer on the beach, and it's still light out"

article here

jumpstart that creativity

~completed the design of all my critters~

(That pig was really driving me up a wall, but I think I'm finally happy with him.)
It's been hard getting back in gear after a week of living in hawaiian time.
I think about how motivated I was several months ago - anxious to create this little world around my drawings - the energy and excitement that being super involved in a project can make me feel.
So I'm going to start working on this again.
Try to carve out that time.
Stop spending ALL my time marvelling at the creativity of others...
spend more time encouraging MY creativity.
Need to buy a new battery for our digital camera. Hopefully that will fix it. Hopefully it isn't permanently broken. It just died while we were in Hawaii. Couldn't handle the beauty, I guess. Since I was sans still camera, though, I was forced to take a lot of video footage. Last week I put together a little movie with lots of Hawaiian music using Roxio Videowave. I took video of us driving through my favorite place in the entire world, Hanalei, and it makes me feel like we're right back there. So that was the little silver lining in our camera malfunctions. Don't know that I would have used the digital video camera as much otherwise.
Time to put the right side of my brain to good use!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

back to reality

So we're back from a wonderful week stay on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. I'm in that mode now where it all just seems like a dream that we were ever there. I hate that. I'm starting to think that one week simply isn't enough. I need to stay there longer, need to be good and ready to come home...maybe that would make the leaving a little less painful. But I don't know, maybe that's impossible.
Anyway, we went to this BEauTIful garden called Allerton Gardens (part of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens). It was amazing. This shot of bamboo was taken there. I'm totally inspired to start gardening again. The philosophy behind Allerton Gardens was to create different outdoor "rooms" that were accented with different water features and unique tropical plants. I'd like to create some comfortable outdoor spaces that inspire different and unique moods.
A Hui Ho
(until we meet again)