Wednesday, April 08, 2009

modern munchkins

I was SO happy when I was able to elbow my way into the Etsy Treasuries over the weekend and curate this treasury I titled, "Modern Munchkins". In the past I'd occassionally look in the treasuries to see if by some small chance the treasury was open for new lists. It wasn't until I started reading comments in the Forums that I discovered the strategy behind snagging a treasury. So I followed all the advice and was able to jump in.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that my very first treasury made it to the Front Page! This means it was worthy of being one of the faces of Etsy for a brief, albeit glorious, moment! Yay! I was bummed to miss it, but certainly appreciated all the comments from fellow Etsians to let me know that my treasury had been selected for Front Page status. Yes!

Etsy is seriously starting to become an addiction for me. I find myself getting sucked into the Forums - "chatting" away with fellow Etsy crafters. I love browsing the treasuries to see what collections other people come up with. It's easy to become addicted. I'm SO in love with Etsy.

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