Wednesday, June 03, 2009


patchwork bibSome random pictures of some of the latest things added to the OUToftheBOX Etsy Shop. Finally got a new order of fabric that I had printed from photographed and listed. Working on some new things, but it sure isn't easy finding the time!

There's something about this time of year that will always make me feel like all I really should be doing is heading on over to the beach. It's summertime - no worries, just sit back and let my legs get some color. Of course, now I slather myself in SPF100 and carefully inspect all those fabric printed from spoonflower.comfreckles acquired from years and years of sun-burned shoulders. School is out for the 5-year old and he'll be starting Kindergarten in the fall. (Yikes! How did that happen?) I want it to be a fun summer. I want us to have adventures - take the train downtown, picnic at the beach, explore the zoo, maybe even brave the summer crowds at Legoland. At the same time, there's a lot I want to do, creatively. So I realize I've got a lot of balancing to do - finding that right balance of focus on activities with the kids and creative projects that help me feel accomplished in my art + craft. I've been losing it a little too much the past week. hand-stitched wool felt baby bootiesStruggling with that balance and losing patience with the fact that two little boys quite often don't want me to have anything other than them to focus on. And yesterday, it occurred to me that the solution to my frustration might exist right here - within me - and I just need to acquire the right tools for unlocking the patience and understanding that make a good mother. So I picked up some books:

I'm hoping these readings will help me approach each day with an appreciation for what I have - to stop beating myself up because I didn't have a chance to list something new on Etsy, to enjoy this moment with my two growing boys, to create some wonderful memories for my family, to do what I can when I can and be absolutely content with that. I often don't give myself credit for all that I am able to accomplish in a day. My instinct is to, instead, look at all that I did NOT get done. And that's simply just got to change or else I'm patchwork bibgoing to drive myself crazy. Just breath. Going to close my eyes, breath and find that balance.

AND, I've got to get these seedlings planted! Garden Update: everything has sprouted and many are quite honestly threatening to kick the bucket unless I give their roots some room to grow. I hope to go pick up some supplies and start building these raised beds from Sunset Magazine. Must get to it! But... first... breath.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, your new items are beautiful. The fabrics are so pretty and perfect. Nice work. :)
I can totally relate to what you're going through -- I wonder, too, how to balance all of these things in my life. I take things one day at a time and make sure to sllloooww down and appreciate special moments with my daughter and in the Summer sun. Keep us posted on how the books turn out!