Sunday, November 29, 2009

winning birthday cake

I think I might have stumbled upon the birthday cake solution for all birthdays to come! This cake was a huge hit with the birthday boy AND it didn't take me all night to decorate. Here's my advice: save yourself the time- decorate the cake simply and throw a much-desired toy on top! It's even better if the toy correlates with the party theme as ours did- Star Wars the Clone Wars. Like my fondant planet? Our big six-year-old was so excited to get the lego ship off (which took me longer to assemble than it did to ice the cake) that it was a couple hours before he realized he never even ate a piece of cake!

In our household the time between Halloween and the end of January is major push time. Our oldest little boy (now SIX) has his birthday right around Thanksgiving, then there's Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year and finally the youngest little boy's birthday at the end of January. It's a concentrated period of time where most of our toy accumulation occurs. This is quickly becoming a problem in our overstuffed, small house. So now that the birthday party and Thanksgiving are over, I am desperate to start sorting through toys before Santa arrives. It's always hard to dedicate time to chores like these when I'd rather be making things. And I've got a long list of gifts on my handmade holiday list. So, I'll probably work in spurts- tackling one cluttered toy bin a day until we've got boxes and boxes of toys to give away and plenty of room for new toys. The question is, do I involve little boys in the process so we don't end up with any surprise disappearances? Or do I just move about independently and play dumb when inquires are made about a toy that has been passed on to the Goodwill? "It'll turn up," I've been known to say.

If I plan my time right, there should be enough hours between now and Christmas to get it all done. There are lots of crochetted socks and toys to whip up, the holiday baking list (I'll share soon), Christmas quilts, tote bags and personalized gifts to get busy making. So, maybe I should just stop sleeping. That would certainly give me the time I'll need. I'll sleep on Christmas Eve.


Josie said...

I'm with you on so many levels here- cake decorating DOES take forever doesn't it? Like 6-7 hours if it's really complicated! And though I'm lucky enough to have Ry's birthday and Christmas spread out, he also accumulates additional hand-me-down toys every MONTH from his two loving cousins! So we're also bulging at the seams, and I just 2 weeks ago did a cleaning for Christmas...but it's already filled back up! Eek! My sister-in-law has the same issue you- to purge in secret, or to get buy in (but only get rid of 1/4 as much things)! Thankfully Ry is too small to notice or protest when his things are missing!

Josie said...

PS- Loved the cake, especially your swirled planet! I love mixing fondant (but have only done it once to make fire flames), it's so pretty!

Thimbleanna said...

That's and adorable cake Dawn! Good luck with the big clean-out -- that's always a big job!

summer said...

HOT cake. the planet looks like a picture!

my mom had purgatory where she kept things & if they were mentioned within the month, they re-appeared. otherwise, they promptly went to heaven or h-e-double hockey sticks. she didn't tell me about purgatory until i was 25. moms are smart.