Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Halloween Project

I made these ghosts to hang in the tree.

Here's how:

Bought some cheap $2/yard white billowy fabric and wrapped it around a freezer bag filled with stuffing. Then I painted the faces on with black acrylic. On Halloween night I thought I'd stick a glow stick in the freezer bag so the ghosts would glow. Ooooo...spooky! Should work (fingers crossed) since the bags are clear, the stuffing is pretty transparent and the fabric is lightweight. Another idea is to buy some small battery operated flashlights. That would definitely make them glow. But the greenish glow of a glow stick would be ideal.

I love the way they blow in the wind. The faces ended up kind of square after the fabric was stretched around the stuffed freezer bag - but I kind of like it that way! If you make these, be sure to paint faces on both sides. They tend to spin around a lot and I think it's the face that makes them what they are.

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