Wednesday, October 05, 2005

in training for those new years resolutions

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Trying to make some decisions about where I want to be putting my time and where I see myself going with crafting endeavors. I want to start making some plans for the new year. Maybe a few craft fairs? Perhaps a consignment? More to offer online to warrant putting some money into advertising? A lot of questions to be answered. I think I am beginning to lean toward focussing entirely on my "Buzzing Bog" designs. I'd like to get the story behind my drawings developed, as well as creating more items that show off these little guys. So I may be doing a major website revamp soon - taking down everything I've got and starting to make room for some new this bag I just made, for example. I'm pretty hapy with it. I like it's shape and the simplicity that sort of acts like a canvas for the little giraffe patch. I've got a lot of tinkering ahead of me. But I was beginning to feel like I had my hands in so many different pots that none of them were getting the attention they deserved. While I LOVE working with wood - I just wasn't dedicating the time it takes to really perfect the craft of woodworking. And as fun as it is to create felt toys - it's not something that really calls out to me with unique ideas and design inspiration. I love drawing these little critters that fly. I love that imaginary world. So I figure I should focus on what appeals to me most.
I've also been working on making better use of my days. I love lists. I love checking things off lists as I get them done. So I made a list for each day of the week. {I know, this sounds pretty anal.} But sometimes I find myself in this stupor - standing there mid-step with a confused look on my face - when I know I've got a lot to do but just don't know where to begin. With my list, I wake up and start checking things off. This is day three of my crazy system - and you know what? I'm not behind in laundry, the house is actually pretty decent (no clutter and fairly clean), I've been eating well, I've been exercising and I've even managed to squeeze in some work. How 'bout that? Let's see how it pans out though. I'll give you an update Sunday night.

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