Monday, January 09, 2006

fallen off the new year's wagon

A graphic I put together for my "Buzzing Bog" site. Everyone asks...what is the Buzzing Bog? I hope to answer that question by FINALLY developing my story. But, that will require me to banish from existance non-productive weeks like the one I had last week. On that note...

Failed Attempts at my New Year's Resolutions:

1. One painting a week. [nope, not yet. this week i'll have to do 2 to catch up]

2. One creative thing a day. [no excuse - just didn't dedicate the time]

3. Diet and exercise. [lost 2 pounds...but before the weekend I was down 4 pounds. you guessed it - mexican food.]

4. Read the newspaper EVERYDAY. [does reading headlines count?]

5. Replace booz with tea. [same as resolution #3 - did pretty well until i hit the weekend]

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