Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday

Over the holidays a friend gave me this photo of me taken back in 1991...fresh out of high school, summer before heading off to college and looking generally spaced out. Ha ha.

I don't remember ever looking like this. Looking at it makes me feel swollen.

My husband says he fell in love with the distant look in my eye that he'd catch from across the classroom, looking like I'd rather be anywhere but here...looking like my mind was already there, just waiting to be physically removed from the hell that was high school. I've never seen that look for myself. When I saw this photo, I suddenly understood what others see when I'm off in my land of daydreams. Hello...hello...earth to Dawn...

1 comment:

Josie said...

How funny! That look (that your husband describes) is what ME fall madly in love with you too!!!

Just kidding, although I will tell you what my first, second and third impressions of you were. I saw someone who could immediately see through a person, so much so that it caught me off guard. Which by the way, makes people like me feel very SHALLOW. I was so intimidated by your intelligence and creativity (and I still am, though now that I know how loving and sweet you are its morphed into more of an admiration) that it would make me mute around you and your husband (who by the way, has similar x-ray vision abilities)!

By the way, we may be down in Carlsbad on Sat. Any chance you guys are free for a meal sometime that day? We won't have pictures yet (since Ms. Cheapo has do it through Winkflash but has yet to upload the photos yet...gotta screen out the fat pictures if ya know what I mean), but we're hoping to see you guys more frequently than just the holidays!