Thursday, November 06, 2008


A week overdue... but this is how the dino costume turned out. I loved working with fleece to sculpt the headpiece. My little dino insisted on being a triceratops and not the generic dinosaur that the pattern instructed. By Halloween the headpiece was completely fuzzy like a well-loved teddy bear... he'd been wearing it nonestop since I completed it.

And the dino-mania is far from over. Coming up... a birthday party for my soon-to-be 5-year old paleontologist. I designed these postcard invites and will be sending them out for our big dino bash.

Next up: a stegosaurus (his new favorite dinosaur) pinata, dinosaur decorations, a prehistoric cake and dino-tastic party favors.

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Josie said...

Ohhh man...if I didn't love you so darn much I would just be sick, sick with envy!!! That costume? Priceless! And the invites? FRIGGEN' cool. I love the fonts. I love what you did on the back of the card even more- esp your name at the top left corner. I am so bummed that I will miss these parties!!!