Monday, July 12, 2010

the architect in me

I've been trying to brainstorm a new way to package my booties and make them easier for gift giving. As is usually the case when I'm trying to figure these kinds of things out, I revert to my training in Architecture for rendering my ideas. In my head, I could fold some acetate in such a way as to create lovely little bags for my booties, like this:

new packaging,
originally uploaded by out_of_the_box.

To see if what I was visualizing in my head could actually work I used some good, old-fashioned, architecture-school model building to work out the details. (yes, this is what I do for fun) After a few stabs at a prototype, I had it all figured out:

So when there I times that I start to get down on myself because I'm not out there using my degree for building things architectural, I must remind myself that everything has it's place in the snowball effect process that got me where I am today. No, I'm not carefully constructing scaled models of buildings, but I did figure out a pretty nifty way to bag my booties!

P.S. New booties in the shop!

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