Tuesday, July 06, 2010

strange summer weather

4th of July Barbecue,
originally uploaded by out_of_the_box.

Oh my... how quickly the weather can change from being perfectly lovely barbecue weather to a damp morning of rain. July, you're a mystery to me! But waking up to all this moisture on a Summer day makes the house feel like it must be in Kauai, Hawaii. I LOVE morning showers in Kauai. There's a wonderful scent in the air - a combination of rain drops on green leaves, wet earth, damp grass and blooming flowers. Yes, I keep wishing for the sun to come out (especially since we've really only had one clear, blue sunny day so far this Summer), but I'm not going to complain about this morning's shower. Saves me some time now that I've started hand-watering everything to conserve water. So, thank you, July! You've given me at least an hour for some other kind of fun. There's that pile of wonderful fabric waiting to be transformed into matching quilts for the boys. I'll sit here next to the open window and cut fabric. Can't ask for a better morning than this!

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