Tuesday, December 13, 2011

handmade holidays 2011: handmade gifts from my little workshop, day 2

Continuing to stitch my way through the hours.  Here's what I've got in store for all the good little boys... patchwork snakes!  My boys have picked up stuffed snakes from the zoo and just love them.  I like them a whole lot better than the rubber snakes - which, in a certain light, can look too much like the real thing.  Apparently, when I was maybe 6 or so, I ran out into the backyard screaming to my parents, "There's a snake in the bathtub!!!"  They amused me and followed me into the house only to discover that there was, indeed, a snake in the tub.  So maybe this is why I'm slightly fearful of snakes in the house.  But bright, colorful, fat and sleepy snakes?  No problem.

In other handmade holiday news, I'm finding that laying out the Christmas quilt to align with the back is going to be tough. Every time I try to position my pieces a little someone thinks I'm setting up a special holiday nap spot. I'm beginning to think that seasoned quilters must not have cats.