Wednesday, May 16, 2012

surf decor for a baby nursery or child's room: pottery barn kids

One of the things I love most about creating custom surfboard mobiles is getting a peak at the nursery decor expectant moms and dads are putting together.  Customers can either send me photographs of their baby room or links to their decor online.  Those who send me links often say, "They have such cute surf baby things, but NO MOBILE!"  That's where Out of the Box comes into the picture.  I like to think of my mobiles as the final element to the surf baby's room - the piece that pulls the entire room together.  Below are a few of the images (with links to Pottery Barn Kids) that customers have sent me for coordinating their custom surfboard baby mobile.  So many cute ideas for a beach or surf themed room.

I love this colorful wall art from Pottery Barn Kids.  A baby nursery or child's room should be bright, shouldn't it?  It's nice the way this wall is completely filled with hanging art.  But I imagine that even if a room had only a couple of these pieces of art, the rest of the wall could be painted (using stencils) to fill in the space with color.

Once you add a few pieces of decor (like the surfboard or the wooden fish wall art in this photo), the remaining elements of the room could afford to be simple.  I like the colorful stripes in this bedding.  It coordinates well with the beach theme without getting too fussy.

Chalkboard wall decals?!?  What an incredible idea for a child's room!!!  Again, the simple form of these wave shapes wouldn't compete with the rest of the room's decor.  And there's something very soothing and peaceful about the color blue and the shape of these waves.  This could easily be used in any room and the fact that it is a chalkboard is a bonus - it's very cool even without that feature!

Love the rustic nature of this nautical-themed mirror.  The colors in the mobile below were actually matched to coordinate with this mirror.  Shades of green and blue with a red accent.  Definitely beach and ocean colors.  Makes me think of a day at the beach!


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