Tuesday, May 17, 2005

jumpstart that creativity

~completed the design of all my critters~

(That pig was really driving me up a wall, but I think I'm finally happy with him.)
It's been hard getting back in gear after a week of living in hawaiian time.
I think about how motivated I was several months ago - anxious to create this little world around my drawings - the energy and excitement that being super involved in a project can make me feel.
So I'm going to start working on this again.
Try to carve out that time.
Stop spending ALL my time marvelling at the creativity of others...
spend more time encouraging MY creativity.
Need to buy a new battery for our digital camera. Hopefully that will fix it. Hopefully it isn't permanently broken. It just died while we were in Hawaii. Couldn't handle the beauty, I guess. Since I was sans still camera, though, I was forced to take a lot of video footage. Last week I put together a little movie with lots of Hawaiian music using Roxio Videowave. I took video of us driving through my favorite place in the entire world, Hanalei, and it makes me feel like we're right back there. So that was the little silver lining in our camera malfunctions. Don't know that I would have used the digital video camera as much otherwise.
Time to put the right side of my brain to good use!

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