Thursday, May 26, 2005

kitsch worship

my altar of kitsch

For a while now we've been picking up little knick knacks here and there when we travel. And when my husband travels on business, it's his job to seek out the tackiest souveniers possible to bring home. It was our 5 year wedding anniversary in January. In tradition (5th anniversary being wood) my husband gave me this shelf by an artist from Dallas. It was the *perfect* place for displaying our loveable junk. We did have quite a few more treasures at one time - but our then just over a year old son reached out for the shelf before I had the chance to hang it and probably more than 50% of the little items broke when the whole thing came crashing to the floor. Oh well...just gives us more incentive to fill the shelf (or, "altar") up! I'm considering putting a metal panel on the back so we could hang magnets there. Airports always have the tackiest magnets!

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Carrie said...

I love that! I collect snowglobes from airports. You know, those tacky plastic ones? I don't want a pretty glass one, I only want the plastic $3 kind from the skyway! Long live kitsch!