Friday, November 11, 2005

what i've been up to

Someone I used to work with thought it was so funny to ask, "Working hard? Or hardly working?" Every day..."working hard? or hardly working"...then a wink and a smile.

Don't know why that just came to me.

Paycheck job has been eating up a lot of my time. But Bizarre Bazaar looms over my head like a little black raincloud and my mind has been ticking away to keep my head in the game with what I need to get done. (and now, I can hear Winnie the Pooh singing, "I'm just a little black raincloud hovering over the honey tree...") Worked out a concept for my display, and in true architect fashion, I generated sketches, then floor plans and finally a 3D model. Need something high to hang mobiles from, something to hang bags from and a stepped surface for displaying smaller free-standing items. Now I need to get out there and build it! Soon as Mr. Munchkin wakes from his nap and I don't have to tip toe around like a mouse.

Just finished cutting all the wings for the critters on my mobiles. My hand is cramped and I'm sure a blister will be developing on my knuckle where the scissor handle hits my finger when cutting through something thick.

I've been meaning to post pictures of the mobiles I'm making for the bazaar. But in typical Dawn fashion, it took me 2 days to plug my camera in and recharge the battery. For 2 whole days I knew it would only take like 5 seconds to plug the thing in, but for 2 days I'd look at the camera sitting there on the counter and pass right on by it thinking, "I'll do it right after [insert meaningless task here]." So now that the camera is charged, it will probably be another couple of days before I actually get around to taking the pictures I've been meaning to take for nearly a week now. Not really sure what to call this bad habit of mine. Procrastination? Laziness? ADD?

Major things on my to-do list:
1. get business cards made (any suggestions on some good online printers? everyone out there is making such beautiful cards for themselves...i'm totally inspired)
2. silk-screen shirts & onesies
3. gocco notecards
4. build display

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Anonymous said...

That display plan looks intriging! I'll learn from you---good luck with it all!