Sunday, November 27, 2005

christmas time is here...happiness and cheer...

So happy because I just finished building my display for Bazaar Bizarre. And to top that off, I fashioned these nifty card racks too. So incredibly productive today! Who am I all of the sudden? [there's that scene in "Best of Show" where the guy with two left feet, literally, makes a joke and the gay guy says, "who are you all of the sudden?" it] So I'm still plugging away at getting my lot together. Feeling good, though. Don't think my table will be empty. And THAT'S a good sign. Mostly, though, I'm excited to see all the other vendors that will be there at the Bazaar Bizarre. I love the calendar from Lemonade Maid. And Katy Kristin looks real fun. I'd love to get something from Bauden Foss for the house. I'm not even scratching the surface stay tuned for an update once I've seen all the wonderful goods for myself.
It's the HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!!
Decorated the tree last night. Purchased a beautiful tree from this christmas tree lot down the street. I mentioned to my husband how I remember buying our trees from that lot every year when I was little. How I imagined that these people came out from the mountains once a year to sell their trees. So, instead of going to Walmart (eek!) or Home Depot this year, we went to the christmas tree lot - still run by the same people who ran it when I was little. We talked a little with the wife half of the tree lot team, and low and behold...they're from Oregon and come down this time of year every year to sell their trees. So my imagination wasn't that far off at all. And you know we probably spent like $10 more than we would of if we had gone to Walmart. Money well spent, I think. I'd rather give my extra ten bucks to the little guy than throw it all in to the corporate money mongers.

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