Tuesday, December 04, 2007

huge, audible sigh

In between all the boring stuff - you know all the stuff I'm always complaining about - I whipped up this little guy. I can't remember where I was - sitting in traffic somewhere probably - but I was picturing a little felt tree with little felt ornaments. I quickly jotted the idea down so I wouldn't forget it. By doing so, I didn't forget. Not because it was written down for me to see, but because the act of writing it down made me remember. I haven't constructed the tree yet, but this little guy found a place on the real tree. (yes, a REAL Christmas tree - seems to be something of a novelty these days - I don't think I know one other person who isn't using a fake tree this year)

I think I may try to create a tutorial and pattern for anyone else who wants to make one. That is, if I can find the time in between everything else on the to-do list in my increasingly cramped head. I've started to make myself focus more about all I HAVE accomplished in the day or week instead of focussing entirely upon the long list of things I WANT to do and can't find the time to do. It's funny having a kid who is starting to pick up on habits I wasn't aware I had. Little Mr. Man has stared sighing a lot - and I realize that in those moments of thinking about the long to-do list I often let out a huge sigh. There's no reason to feel so overwhelmed, right? So every time I catch myself in the middle of a long inhale, I focus on the accomplishments before letting out a huge, audible sigh. There's always tomorrow, after all.

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