Wednesday, December 05, 2007

when the stars all align like that for you

I was browsing through photos from the year 2007 for our first annual photo collage holiday card insert (No, we don't write those addressed-to-the-masses holiday greetings. You just get photos from us.) when I stumbled upon this photograph that I snapped while stopped at a light in Oak Park, Illinois:

I forgot all about that. We were just sitting there - my camera poised because we'd been driving past all the Frank Lloyd Wright houses - and in between the baby crying, the little bugaboo complaining and my pouting because I wasn't able to enjoy all the Frank Lloyd Wright houses like I always imagined I would (I think we took this trip too late - Oak Park is meant to be seen immediately after graduating from architecture school and DEFINITELY before you have kids) I looked up and saw it. I said, "Hey," to the husband. And, somehow, magically, I got the shot. We didn't have to pull the car over, we didn't have to hold up traffic. The one thing that went right on that trip was that single instant where I was able to turn the camera on, point and click before the light changed and we had to be on our merry way. I love it when that happens. When the stars all align like that for you... I mean, what are the chances? Not only did I have the camera accessible, it was in my hands, for heaven's sake. So silly. Honestly, it's just plain silly!

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