Sunday, December 30, 2007

so many great books

I got so many great books for Christmas, but the one that I've been diving head-first into is Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. I heard so much about it when it first came out. I thought, hmm...the concept sounds good. But I never bothered to look it up online or visit it in the bookstore. If I had, I definitely would have asked for this book for Christmas. Fortunately, mom knew that the combination of content and eye-catching cover (Yes, I judge books by their covers and this book is cute all the way around) would be the perfect gift for me. And I've been LOVING the concept. I'll be heading off to the farmer's market grocer tomorrow to stock up on veggies. By New Year's day our freezer will be stocked with veggie purees to sneak into everything from pancakes to mac-n-cheese. I'm so delighted with this concept. As I've been feeding the 11-month old his pureed meals I've often thought, "Now why couldn't I just slip this stuff into my 4-year old's dinner?" Answer is, according to Jessica Seinfeld, you can. We'll just see about that.

Like I said, so many great books waiting for me to digest. I'm anxious to post about them soon. In the meantime, another New Year's Resolution.

Read AT LEAST one book a month

I know this probably sounds hideous. Non-parents read several books a month. Believe me - I used to read a lot too. The New Year's Resolution is to MAKE the time to read more. It's simply pathetic that I can't think of a single book I finished last year. Pathetic. So, to start... while watching an on-demand movie about Truman Capote the other night, I was reminded that I've never actually read Breakfast at Tiffany's. So, with one of his Barnes and Noble gift cards, the hubby picked up a copy for me. First book of the year, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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Jacqueline deRuyter said...

Great resolution! I'd love to do the same. I guess Goodnight Moon doesn't count towards that quota!