Thursday, August 28, 2008

excited by the fact that he's so excited

I hate posting without pictures. But I also hate not posting for long stretches of time. So what do I do? I have a mediocre picture indicating a little something about what I've been doing...

Not very exciting stuff, I know. First I'll explain the picture, and then I'll explain what's been going on (earth-shattering stuff, let me tell you... **sarcasm**). I mentioned, off-hand, matter-of-factly to the 4 year-old that I could sew his Halloween costume this year. He's been REALLY into dinosaurs lately, so I suggested a cold-blooded, over-sized lizard for his All Hollows Eve entertainment. What I didn't expect was this attitude of his - "So, Mommy, are you going to sew it NOW???" Every 15 minutes, it's, "Um, Mommy, Finn is asleep so are you going to work on my costume NOW???" I got a generic dinosaur costume pattern (Simplicity 2783) - but, oh no, he wants a tricetetops. And, I'll admit, it's all my fault. I asked him to tell me what dinosaur he wanted to be. I invited the chaos. I'm so excited by the fact that he's so excited by SOMETHING - how exciting is that? I want to encourage his enthusiasm! So now, I sit everynight before a pattern for a very generic lizard-like dinosaur, compelled to turn it into a very realistic looking triceretops. From a 4-YEAR OLD, I was given a little triceretops figurine and two books with pages marked to show exactly how the costume was to look. So, that's what the picture is all about.

In other news - it's just been a crazy week. Hectic work for the husband, and after talking to a friend this morning, I realize I am totally spoiled. I was telling her about how I've had to not only cook dinner but also bathe the boys every evening - "HE gives them a bath EVERY night?!?" Okay, so I guess that's not the norm. "My husband has only bathed the kids, like, three times their entire life!" So... I guess I'm lucky. In this house, it's just sort of become the standard that whoever isn't cooking dinner is responsible for putting the kids in their bath. That's a good rule, isn't it? Totally fair, right? Okay, women, join me on this one. Let's train these men to bath their kids. So, with both dinnertime and bathtime on my plate this week, it's been a bit hectic. Good for the diet, though. No time to eat. By the time they're asleep, I'm ready to hit the sack myself before I have time to make my own dinner. I simply don't know how single parents do it. You have my respect.


Josie said...

Ohhh you HAVE TO deliver or else that little boy's crestfallen face is sure gonna hurt! ;-) I have noooo doubt you're gonna pull it off though (you know...since I'm sure T is gonna help). Heh heh. Hope we can get together one more time before we both go to Hawaii! (I like the sound of that...)

Chris said...

hi - i just found your blog while searching for ideas of how to make my son's "rainbow t-rex" costume - he checked out the patterns available but none were authentic (or rainbowish) enough for him. i think i will check back here to see your progress and hopefully get inspired!