Wednesday, August 06, 2008

spooky, right?

Okay, first of all, please know that every word I am about to type is completely and totally true. So... I got this cute little box-of-words for scrapbooking from my sister for my birthday. It's been sitting in a gift bag hanging by the door all of July because I kept forgetting to put it with my scrapbooking stuff. A couple Fridays ago, when I found myself out scrapping, I realized I had forgotten my fabulous box-of-words and made a note to myself to put it in my scrapbooking bag so I wouldn't leave home without it again. Today, in an attempt to tackle my seriously long to-do list, I went about retrieving the box-of-words, and what do I find when I lift the box out of the bag? I found one word left behind - the word, "vista". So unless someone (the husband) is seriously trying to creep me out, there is something strangely mysterious going on here.

I live in Vista.
I grew up in Vista.
My parents grew up in Vista.
I actually had a teacher in high school who also taught my parents and my aunt.
Yeah, small town.
A town the husband and I never imagined living in again.
But, here we are.

And, as it appears by today's discovery, it was destiny.

Strange, right?

(please note that the box-of-words claims 4500 words - out of 4500 words, "vista" ends up staring right back at me in the bottom of the bag. spooky. should i go out and buy a lottery ticket or should i go hide under the covers in bed?)

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