Thursday, December 18, 2008

christmas a week away!

It's starting to get a little crazy around here! Sound familiar?

The cookies are baked and sitting in the fridge waiting to be iced.

At least the Christmas cards have all been sent. But the Christmas rush is far from through.

The house will soon smell of pumpkin bread and all the "Handmade Holiday" Christmas projects are still very much underway. Those meant to be sent off need to be completed by tomorrow - my second big deadline following the teacher gifts we handed out yesterday. (fabric covered calenders which were sewn up just in the nick of time, so no time to photograph) Here are some nice wood and fabric blocks just completed. Meant to do up a bunch of these for the Etsy shop... and... well... that just didn't happen. But I did manage a set for one of my favorite little boys in the whole wide world. Who?... I won't say... Don't open until X-mas!

(AND... I've gotten what is probably the TWENTIETH e-mail in response to my monkey birthday party pinatas... SO, a full, sketched up tutorial on how to make the little buggers is soon to come!)

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