Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sweet things

A little surprise package arrived in the mail yesterday. Inside was this beautiful hand-crafted felted bowl made by Cose Dolci (www.cosedolci.etsy.com). I had it in my Etsy Favorites and the dear husband got it for me - just because!

I love the detail in this bowl. All four sides are embellished with hand stitched and felt circle trees. And notice how there are mirror image trees also stitched up inside the bowl in white? That's what I call attention to detail. This truly is a "sweet thing" (= cose dolci). I have it sitting on the dresser now and may use it to hold earrings or my favorite necklace. (maybe the very colorful beaded one Robbie made for me at school) Of course, I don't want to fill it up too much because then I'd cover up those ghost trees inside!

I'd love to fill the house with wonderful little items like this. Everyday I find the greatest things by artists from all over the world on Etsy. This is so much more thoughtful than flowers. Flowers die. This little treasure will be with us forever and I'll always remember it was... just because.

Now go check out Cose Dolci !

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Josie said...

I secretly go to etsy to covet stationary on there all the time! And please tell Tom that I also have a Favorites List on Amazon that has a 5-series BMW in there. J/K. What a sweetie you have.