Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the way boys play

I just love it. Love it when I stumble upon some Star Wars battle re-enactment. "This is the one, you know, where they saved Stinky, you know?" And there's something about these storm troopers and their hinged arms and legs that make them look so realistic. Sometimes I feel like I've caught them in the act, forcing them to freeze where they are - like in the Toy Story movies.

Obviously, for me, it was Barbie. My sister and I would set up elaborate Barbie houses by standing up books to create rooms. (yes, an architect at age 8) The bummer of it all was the house rule - Barbie houses had to be taken down at the end of each day. I proclaimed that when I grew up I would have an entire room in my house devoted to Barbie houses that I would never have to take down. Um... yeah, that didn't happen. But I do often let scenes like this one remain intact and let the house rule bend.


Josie said...

Even though I'm not a real Star Wars fan, I definitely wanted that life-sized storm trooper from The Sharper Image! Way cool. Hey, since you sewed Robbie a dinosaur costume, think you can whip me up a storm trooper outfit? ;-)

marysgranddaughter said...

What a great photo!