Friday, January 29, 2010

party prep

More party planning pics...

I think that one of the greatest inventions since microwave popcorn has got to be Google Image Search. You can find just about anything for including on your party tags, labels and invitations from the image search. Grabbed this classic Mickey image from a Google search and used it for making the thank-you tags for these goodie bags.

I've got half of my sugar cookies iced. The other half will be red. I LOVE the combination of this light blue with red. (notice the ribbons on the goodie bags?) I found some great polka dot napkins in light blue and in red from Target for the party. Aside from Mickey, my theme is polka dots (think about Minney's dress) and the colors light blue and red. I like putting my cookies in this big glass jar. Everyone can help themselves to a cookie during the party and I don't have to worry about the little ones getting into them. Next up... the cake. Everything is baked and now it's all about assembly and decoration.

The husband comes home every night and hesitantly asks, "So how's the party prep coming along?" He knows how wrapped up I get in it all. It consumes my life for the week prior - and, I LOVE it. Love having these kinds of projects. Once they're over, I actually feel kind of sad. (But, no worries... I've got the next BIG project brewing up my sleeve, so stay tuned.) The party prep is right on track. True, I am a bit behind on my to-do list... but I'm feeling ambitious this afternoon and am confident that I can catch up. Time to hit the yard and tackle the mowing, weeding and gardening. It's a perfect day to be outside. So, time to put on my gardening hat and iPod and get my hands dirty!


tom said...

The husband feels like a jerk that he didn't get out of work early to come home and mow the lawn. The Man is keeping me down.

Aion said...

Hi Dawn.. loved your blog! You remind me of my sister (that's a good thing :)

My daughter (Nicole) and I have picked your Blog to be our "Featured" Blog for tommorrow (Saturday)so that we could share it with our followers and readers!


Aion and Nicole

Momma Fargo said...

I just nominated you for a blogger award. Check out my site for details. Congratulations!