Friday, January 22, 2010

tweet tweet

I think I prefer short and quick peeks into people's lives. You can get just enough detail to be able to compose for yourself the whole picture. I like Twitter. I love Facebook Status Updates. I am addicted.

So I think I'll make this blog more like that. I might come back here more if I knew a post could be just a small thought or comment about the day's activities. But this would be cooler because I could include a snapshot and I wouldn't spend half my time trying to trim down my "bite-sized" update to 140 characters. Really, I waste a lot of time editing my updates! And, yes, I DO have far better things to do with my time but for some reason I'm convinced that the world simply pauses while I'm completely absorbed in Twitter or Facebook or, I hate to admit it, FarmVille. Yes, the world just stops and, so, this means that I have not wasted time at all.

So now I'll find a way to make myself waste more time on Blogger.

Why not?

So little Superman, here, and his fierce watchdog, Ringo, are securing the perimeter following a week of stormy weather. It's just not natural for little boys to be cooped up inside! Thank goodness the clouds parted so they could play off some energy and I could take advantage of the soft, rain-soaked soil to do some weeding in the garden.

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