Monday, September 27, 2010


Here are some fabric swatches I recently got back from Spoonflower. Yes, I finally learned my lesson. Not that long ago I would order up a yard of fabric and then get it only to find that the colors weren't exactly what I had hoped for. So now I chock up $5 for a test swatch and patiently wait for my samples to arrive before ordering any major yardage. In fact, the swatch up top is a revision of one of my first fabric designs. I'm still trying to find ways to use up the fabric I ordered where the brown looks black and the beige looks off-white! This one is in my Buzzing Bog Collection and can be ordered directly from Spoonflower HERE.

These prints were inspired by our recent Waikiki holiday. The lotus flower was actually something I saw over the summer at the pond in Balboa Park, San Diego. I must have taken dozens of photographs of those lotus blooms. And the vertical orientation reminds me of my mu'u mu'u. I'm still not completely sure about the color, but they are available from Spoonflower as well. I call this collection, Hawaiian Hybrid.

This design might look familiar. I designed it for a Spoonflower contest and then never had a swatch printed up. Shame on me! But the colors are exactly as I pictured. I think the design could still use some edits, but it was exciting to get this one and see it printed up on fabric.

If only I had more hours in the day for designing fabric! So many ideas, too little time. I really want to design a cheater quilt like the one created by The Dixie Chicken. Too cute! I've got to find a way to be able to sacrifice sleep for creativity. Getting swatches back from Spoonflower is incredibly addicting!


Hi Octane Jewelry said...

These are super cute. So can people purchase your designs through Spoonflower? I might need a tutorial on this.

Dawn said...

Yes! Spoonflower now lets you sell your designs. The only requirement is that you need to order a swatch first. Once you do, you can opt to sell. And, when you have designs for sale you get a 10% designer discount! Oh, and you get 10% in the form of "Spoondollars". Nice!