Thursday, September 30, 2010

new booties in the Etsy shop

Just finished up a couple pairs of baby shoes for the Etsy shop. The pair up top has a cute Michael Miller print on the toes. I'm always keeping my eye out for smaller prints that will work on my bootie toes. This one just barely worked. Elephant's trunk and feet got slightly chopped, but I think it's still obvious what he is.

The print I used on the pair below is a sweet piece of fabric I got while in Hawaii over the summer. The past couple trips we've made have been great fabric shopping trips for me. I love browsing through all the screen printed aloha prints and imported Japanese cottons. I could easily spend hours in Hawaiian fabric shops. I found this print, however, at Walmart. Even they have a great fabric selection in Hawaii! The other thing to raid at a Hawaiian Walmart is the scrapbooking section (turtles, surfboards and flip flops!), stamps and origami paper. Love it! All of the Walmarts around my part of town here in California have stopped carrying fabric and this pleases me immensely because now all the fabric shops will pick up the business. But, I sure hope they continue to carry fabric in Hawaii!

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