Saturday, September 24, 2005

more architecture folks

Because that is just the mood I am in at the moment, I thought I'd share a picture of another architectural wonder from our travels a few years back.
This is Ronchamp:

It was one of those buildings I studied in school but never imagined I'd find myself standing before. And when we found ourselves on a highway in France I thought - we're too close NOT to go - so we pulled off the main road in search of this Le Corbusier creation. And, it came to be that we weren't actually all that close. It's a very small town, Ronchamp, and even once in town we had a hard time finding it. But after buying some marvelous cheese from a little shop and asking for directions, we found ourselves before Notre Dame du Haut (or, as it is simply referred to, Ronchamp).
A massive molding of concrete, this church, built in 1955, was incredible to see firsthand. I'll never forget it. It started pouring rain while we were there - we ate our bread and cheese in the shelter of the car. Having only studied it from books and slides, I imagined it to be much smaller than it actually was. Funny, because the city of New York actually seemed much smaller than the grand scale I had made it in my mind before visiting. Paris - larger than I imagined. Seattle - smaller. Berlin - larger. Just goes to show you how powerful seeing something in person can be.
Anyway - those are just my thoughts for the day.

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