Saturday, September 17, 2005

there's no place like home

Back home! It was a fun trip up north...but it is ALWAYS nice to be cooking in my own kitchen, bathing in my own tub and sleeping in my own bed. Although I could do without the unpacking. I hate unpacking. Slowly working my way through all the piles that have developed. I'm finding myself unpacking bags - but not really unpacking them - just taking everything out and arranging them into little piles. So now I've got to actualy put away the contents of all those little piles. Fun! I worked on a few projects while away. I'll have to photograph those to share. And I want to put together a few more photo collages to share. It's a long drive from Southern California to Washington state. Did a lot of brainstorming and planning and thinking while staring out at the road ahead. I always do that on long drives. Come up with these grand schemes - most of which never see the light of day. But I may just have to see some of them through this time around. Number one on the list = diet. back on. Oh wait, did I mention that this starts on Monday? You can't start a diet on a Sunday! Diet back on Monday.

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