Friday, September 23, 2005

experience music

Here's a collage of the Experience Music Project [EMP] in Seattle. Frank Gehry's rock-n-roll version of the Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles) and the Guggenheim (Bilbao, Spain). We thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the music memorabilia. I particularly enjoyed things like an essay written in school by Tupac, lyrics jotted down by Amy Ray & Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls and a wall of music where you could hear "Blowing in the Wind" in a number of different languages and music styles. While my husband thoroughly absorbed himself in the Bob Dylan exhibit, I chased our son around the place and studied the curved I-beams and structure responsible for generating this fantastic facade. I'm sure the structure must be disguised at the Disney Concert Hall and Guggenheim, so seeing it all exposed here at the EMP was a real treat.


I got my new Readymade magazine yesterday. This is really the only magazine I read cover to cover these days. Rolling Stone - I look at the pictures and maybe read a couple album reviews. Sunset - I dog-ear the pages with recipes I might want to try and study the articles relating to garden and/or house design. Dwell - Look at the nifty houses and maybe read an article about an architect whose name sounds familiar to me. But Readymade is always jam packed full of ideas and cool articles and groovy projects. In fact, one regular column called "MacGuyver" calls upon readers to send in their unique designs for projects using common everyday items. One month it was wood pallets. Another month it was cassette tapes. Last month they asked readers to construct something from wine bottle corks. Sound familiar? Ha ha. Anyway, the issue I just got yesterday shows the winning project - a floor mat made of 4,500 corks strung together with wire. This thing is amazing! Now that I've used up nearly all my corks for my last Sampler contribution, I'll need to start saving up again to make a mat of my own. There was also an article about a gal in San Francisco(Yosh Han) who runs her own perfume company, mixing her own perfumes. She created one for hersef which she named after her alter ego, Ginger Ciao. She wears it whenever she needs the vibrant and go-getting Ginger to come out. I like that. Maybe I could use an alter ego. Someone who takes risks and lives like an artist who don't look back. Someone I turn to to break me out of my shell when I'm feeling shy in a room full of interesting people. Hmmmm. Astrid? Leilani? Yoko? Ha ha. I'll have to work on that.

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