Saturday, July 22, 2006

bun in the oven


Well, I have a little secret that is largely responsible for the lack of energy I've been experiencing lately. And if you're a close friend, please don't feel dissed because I didn't tell you in a more personal manner...frankly, I just haven't had the energy for anything - not even a simple e-mail! That's right folks, I'm pregnant! We waited the standard 3 months before letting the news out. It's been good so far - but this comatose state I've been in is unique from my first pregnancy. Of course I was working in the office back then, so maybe I just forced myself to plough through it. In any case, Hawaii in a couple weeks will be a very nice treat. I think I'm up for just sitting back and watching the morning rain shower pass through. Unfortunately, I will not be able to partake of the mai tais. Boo hoo! Hawaii without mai tais!?! Who ever heard of such a thing?!? I've been enjoying blended drinks of the non-alchoholic variety lately - what with this heat and all. Smoothies, virgin strawberry margeritas, slurpees. I've never gone to 7-eleven in so many consequetive days to buy slurpees as I have this past week. Yummy, chilly goodness! So I'll just have to enjoy plenty of virgin mango margeritas, paypaya and passion fruit smoothies and banana slurpees while in Hawaii. Come to think of it, I had my very first slurpee ever while in Hawaii. I must have been around 5-years old and my aunt came with us. She got my sister and I a slurpee and taught us to use the spoon/straw (is there a name for that? "spoonula" rings a bell - or am I totally making that up?). We stirred and stirred ours so that it would melt because we thought then it would taste like a melted popsicle. Ha - so funny that I just remembered that. And, wha do ya know, my aunt will be on this trip as well! It all comes around, it all comes around.

I did manage to finish up this big ol' batch of pillows this week though. 15 of them! At the very least, I'll have pillows for the Carlsbad show coming up in August. I have two more weeks to crank out some more silk screened bibs, soft blocks, pouches and additional pillow designs. I just can't count on my energy level being up, though. Each day is a new beast. I desperately need naps during the day (sometimes even right afer breakfast!) and I'm in bed by 9:30pm. Um, hello? Like, I know my body is busy creating a human being, but can I have just a few of those hormones for myself so I can make a stupid pillow?

We are obviously very excited for #2 to bless our home. Robbie wants a brother - so at this point, I'm putting aside all my girly instincts and hoping for a boy as well. Hey, I can be June Cleaver! Names names names...that's what everone asks. If it's a girl, we've got a dozen names to chose from. But if it's a boy, we're really stuck. Robbie Clem's name (Robert Clement) is just dripping with meaning for us (Robert = my dad, Robert Zimmerman, Robert Frost, Robert many great Roberts Clement = Tom's uncle), so it's hard to come up with another name that has as much meaning as this one. Guess we threw all our eggs in one basket with that one. It's easy to pick a name, but to pick a name with history is a whole nother ballgame. We joke and say it'll be Clement Robert, or Clem Robbie. How insane would that make us? So I think we'll just wait and see what this litle lime turns out to be. (we call it a lime, because this week it is the size of a lime...last week it was fig...week before that walnut..."how's the little walnut today?" Tom would ask)

Wow...that's more writing than I've done in weeks! Guess I'd better attempt to get my day started. Today we're off to the horse races! Company picnic at the inflield in Del Mar. I want to cut some felt flowers for my hat. Gotta wear a hat!


Josie said...

Before I begin- that is the cutest picture of Robbie! Ever. I love it!!! And all those pillows?! They're beautiful! They just get better and better.

On to the big news- I'm so excited! I read it and my jaw hit the floor! I was thrilled since I know it was your hope to have one more around now, but I'd also secretly recently (like a week ago) hoped you'd have your next one while we were here so we could see the next Huntington-Buettner production live and in person! So it was a huge surprise to hear this, but also kinda eerie too! Haven't told Roy yet since he worked last night and is still asleep but I'm sure he'll want to give you guys a call once he finds out! YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!

Jessica said...

Congratulations!!! This great news..I knew it wouldn't be long. Miss you!