Thursday, July 06, 2006

summer projects

What have I been up to???

Vacation clothes for the little one:

Sewing a lot for me as well - started this little journal for recording the patterns I like and the swatches of fabric I use so when I'm out, I have everything with me for matching and yardage:

*Fireworks* on the fourth always make me feel like...yep...summer's here!

In honor of that, I have a few summer goals I'd like to publish here for all to see - that I might actually be guilted into doing at least a handful of them so that come September I'm not writing, "whelp, summer came and went and I have nothing to show for it!"

1. Project back-yard. That dry, dirt spot is really getting to me. Needs some major attention.
2. Plant and maintain lots of beautiful green things in the yard so that I'm not completely depressed following our trip to tropical, lush Hawaii next month.
3. Eat dinner outside as often as possible.
4. Streamline my wardrobe by sewing my own clothes. Pick patterns I love, then stick to them - achieving variety in fabric selection. (I'm so sick of finding clothes with fabric I love only to discover it comes in a size 2 or was designed by someone with no concept whatsoever of curves.)
5. Work my way through the clutter and utter disorganization in this house. (Summer cleaning?)
6. Redo my son's bedroom. Can you picture a Buzzing Bog mural, silk-screened window treatments and flying elephant pillows?
7. Cook often from my new cookbook: The Healthy Kitchen - Recipes for a Better Body, Life and Spirit
8. Build a gate at the front walk to keep out those pesky solicitors. I feel like a grouchy old woman - go away!!!

I usually like to make my lists an even 10, but don't want to throw stuff on there just for the sake of throwing it on there. But I'm sure it will grow as the summer progresses.
Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. I still feel like I'm 20-something. Hmmm....

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