Wednesday, July 26, 2006

current project

I decided to make memory books to give to all the relatives flying over to Hawaii for my Grandmother's memorial. (16 total!) Using the fabric I dyed with the red dirt (from the town she grew up in), I used the gocco to make the image for the front of these little books:

In Honor of
Yosuka Shirley Yonomine Jensen
1921 - 2006
Kauai, Hawaii
August 2006

These pieces of fabric will be sewn onto felt covers with some other fabric acquired by cutting up one of my grandma's skirts. It took me several days to make the first cut - the thought of cutting up one of her precious skirts was horrifying to me! But, then reality sunk in...she was so tiny, I don't think any of us could ever possibly wear it and my mother insisted it was the right thing to do. Rather than having it just sit in a box in somebody's garage, it will be part of something that everyone will be able to enjoy. Here's a picture of her in the skirt:

Just off the plane (see all the leis?) to visit her family that was still living on the islands - holding my mom, my aunt at her side. The tag of the skirt says Miss Hawaii on the front and the manufacturer on the back is Kamehameha Co. I still feel like I've committed a crime cutting it up. Vintage island clothes seem to be worth something these days...but what's done is done.

The covers will slip over little photo albums, In the first few slots I'll insert some stories about the history of the town she grew up in, Hawaiian legends and a description of ancient Hawaiian beliefs about the spirits of our ancestors - what happens after death. Then maybe some photographs of her - and the rest will be open for everyone to include the pictures that they take on this trip.

Stay tuned for some pictures of the final product!

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