Tuesday, August 29, 2006

creative clutter

Talking to my aunt on the phone the other day, she mentioned how she admires my organization and my habit of working on projects without creating a huge mess in my path. Ah...smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors. Here is my work space after finishing up a wholesale order over the weekend:

Such a mess!
Shelves filled with supplies I don't use - time to go through it all! Ironing board got in the way of a bottle of paint - oops! Hardly a clear work surface anywhere to be found. Sure, some things are organized - but then there are little pockets like this old hat box filled with lace and trim that hardly closes because it's so full. Stuff everywhere! And what you don't see: little bits of paper and felt all over the floor after I'd stopped trying to hit the waste basket, an over flowing waste basket, cups of mucky paint water and a computer station with an inaccessible computer (thank god for the laptop in the kitchen!).

But you know what? I couldn't work in one of Martha's sterile work rooms. Where's the creativity in that? Looks pretty, but hardly serves as a work space if you're constantly worrying about putting things back in their assigned places the very second you're done using them. There's a limit to the level of anal behavior that is allowed in a creative space - I believe. I'm even proud of the paint splatters on the floor in the garage. If we ever leave this place, the folks who move in will know someone had some fun here. (I think my dad tries to scrub that paint off every time he comes over - it drives him nuts, the drop cloth king)

But even I must admit it's time to clean up. My next big project to tackle: sew a slip cover for our sadly stained sofa that WILL not slip. I'm sick of adjusting that thing! All upholstery fabric is 50% off - no time like the present!

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