Friday, August 25, 2006

time to go pee pee?

I've been absorbed in the hell that is potty training. If I'm not washing underpants after accidents, I'm helping him go on the potty chair (about 20 times a day) or pulling my hair out because he didn't tell me he had to go (even though he just went 5 minutes ago). Argggggggg!

On the off chance that someone (other than my husband) actually checks this here little blog, thought I'd post something resembling anything that I've actually managed to work on this week. I revised the bottom of my felt booties to include this little window for a Buzzing Bog critter. Yeah - it's taken me all week to do this. 3 minutes here, 4 minutes there...I swear, the day he actually is potty trained will be pure bliss.

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Josie said...

Trust me, someone other than your husband reads this blog! I start to jones when you don't post for a few days. This blog is great- it allows us to see what your family is up to, it's like we're 'big brother,' but without the cameras and illegal wiretapping. I just hope you aren't able to track how often I check up on the page, or trust me, you WILL feel stalked (hey, I get bored).

Cute addition to the booties! BTW, when is your next show in San Diego? I want to go back to Sand Diego sometime soon and check out a certain running store, so if it's on a weekend and you ever need help at a fair, let me know! Roy and T can hang out together and I'd be happy to help you set up, break down, etc. I even have my own official Buzzing Bog t-shirt I can wear!

Oh, and this is probably too far, but there is also the craft show up in Redlands I was telling you about. I'll send you some info in case you're interested.