Tuesday, August 15, 2006

a land called Hanalei

I've been keeping a long list of the things I've been meaning to post over the last couple weeks...and now it's a bit overwhelming. Well - let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start.

:: Kaua'i ::

Wonderful - but how could it not be? I had a couple days of overwhelming moodiness - sure I can blame it on the human being growing inside of me - but mostly I just regret feeling sad while being in my favorite place in the whole entire world...ah...beautiful Hanalei. To me, there is just no other perfect place. Sure it gets a lot of rain - but in Hanalei style, who cares? Where you gotta be anyways, eh? That beautiful bay surrounded by lush green cliffs and a sleepy little town surrounded by taro patches. Maybe someday after the kids are grown and I'm retired, once the grandkids are off to school, maybe then we'll buy a little house in Hanalei for the winter of our lives.

Since I am too lazy to go rummaging around for the camera, I'll have to post pictures of the memory books I completed for the family later. Yeah, they're still in the cam. Lazy lazy lazy! Still unpacking, still catching up on the household routine, still a little behind on everything because my mind just cannot grasp the fact that we're not still in Hawaii. Taking my Grandma's ashes back to her hometown was very bittersweet. In her last days, she kept asking to go home (to Kauai). So she's there now. I hope she's blooming into a beautiful ginger or plumeria blossom, dancing in the waves on a white sandy beach and raining down on those magnificently wind-carved cliffs. The island has a completely new meaning for me now - and I have an entirely new reason for going back. She's there.

More pics and chatter about everything else later!

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