Tuesday, August 01, 2006

hunk of meat

I'm finally getting my energy back! Hello second tri-mester - I LOVE ya!

We have a friend we've known since high school - he comes over every Sunday night for dinner and to watch whatever's in-season on HBO (Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Entourage, Lucky Louie...). His birthday was over the weekend, so we had ourselves a little celebration ~

Whenever there's cause for a special dinner, I'm always jealous of everyone's love for steak. It's so easy for them..."oh? promotion at work? we're eating steak tonight!" I HATE steak. If I eat red meat at all, it has to be ground and covered with ketchup, taco sauce or cheese. I'll have a hamburger maybe 6 times a year. But it has to be In-N-Out. They've gotta be THIN. If I weren't so lazy, I'd be a vegetarian. I generally don't like the taste of any meat. A sandwich must have one thin slice of deli meat and a ton of cheese. Chicken is best to me when it's been marinating in teriyaki for hours. But steak, unlike chicken and pork, just tastes too bloody for me to enjoy at all. So - when everyone else is drooling over their thick steak on the grill, I stand there with my boring chicken breast - same as any other night. But this time I splurged. I've discovered my steak equivalent! And it ain't cheap. Lobster! Ah! I broiled my $15 lobster tail marinated in olive oil, salt+pepper and garlic, then drizzled melted butter over the top - now that's a celebration!

As my days before our trip come to a close, so does my preparation for the Carlsbad Art In the Village which happens the day after we get back, August 13th in downtown Carlsbad, CA (North San Diego County). Here are some of the soft blocks and diaper pouches I've been working on:


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Jill said...

Maybe I'll stop by the art festival. I live in Carmel Valley and love those kinds of things! I need to participate in one someday! (I do mosaics and photography but love all crafts!) Jill