Monday, January 08, 2007

resolutions, part II

Sleepy sleepiness! New year off to a sluggish start. Here is the stuffed robot I attempted to make for my son for christmas. Considering the fact that I'm not photographing him from the waist down, it is safe for you to assume that he never actually got done. No legs, poor little guy. So now he's my project to complete before we head off to the hospital to bring baby brother into the world. Maybe he'll offer some comfort while we're away. Can't believe I'll spend as much as four nights away from my little guy - I've never spent a night away from him!

As for those resolutions that I never finished making. Shoot - should I bother? Of course there are the obvious ones: eat better, exercise waste less time watching TV. But I always like to throw some inspiring ones in there - resolutions that might actually put greatness into action. Is that possible? Is it possible to just decide that you're going to accomplish something and then make it happen? Seems to be possible for some. Question is - is it possible for all? Sure, why not.

But I'm off to a bad start. I'm actually sitting here, I'm ashamed to admit, watching The Lake House. While husband is away, chick flicks play. But watching this does remind me that I am a complete failure as a student of architecture for never having been to Chicago. So perhaps that should be a resolution: visit Chicago.

Maybe I'll just make these resolutions as I go.

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