Monday, January 22, 2007

another excuse to bake

I loved this idea for packaging cookies from the January issue of MSL. Complete instructions here. You use those envelopes with the clear window for holding CDs/DVDs and then affix one of these snazzy little labels. The second I saw this idea (which was, of course, AFTER all the appropriate holidays for giving individually wrapped cookies had passed) I was immediately consumed with coming up with an excuse for using this idea. And then it occurred to me: I can give these to the nurses and staff at the hospital during my stay following delivery!

So I'll be baking cookies today. And with all the chocolate leftover from the holidays, chocolate chip cookies will be no problem at all. Chopped up all the remaining chocolate bars and consolidated all the half and quarter bags of chips in the freezer. I don't know how it is I always end up with leftover chocolate chunks in the freezer! I suppose the truth is I figure I will eventually find myself saying, " if only I had some chocolate." So there you go. It all worked out. For once, being the pack-rat that I am actually worked out to my benefit. I saved a whole, oh I don't know, twenty minutes because I didn't have to run down to the store to pick up a couple bags of chips.

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uncle rod said...

Hello, Dawn,

As we approach the first anniversary of your grandma Shirley's passing, I've found comfort in your site; perhaps it's a family thing. I miss her cookies, maybe that's why yours are special. I think its her gift to you.

I hadn't noticed the similarity in your smiles, until you showed us. If I see you tomorrow at your Auntie Annette's, and you catch me staring, it's because I'm looking for her smile.

Thank-you, Dawn.

Uncle Rod.