Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the boys' (plural...I love that) room

The nursery/kidlet room is coming together. Green on the baby side and blue on the little boy side. While in Hawaii over the summer, I came across these great Tropical ABCs flashcards. I nailed them up as a border along little boy's side of the room. You gotta love "A is for Aloha". Still have some mobiles to hang and some characters I'd like to paint on the wall. The idea of silkscreening some fabric for a window valance and shade is quickly falling from my radar, unfortunately. Who knows, maybe tonight I'll get an itch to stay up late and finish that up - but let's be realistic, shall we? The big leaf canopy is from Ikea. It was a whole lot bigger than I imagined. Had to mount the thing way up high so my husband wouldn't knock his head against it everytime he walked into the room! I'll put up more pictures of the murals later. (the light's got to be just right)

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