Tuesday, January 01, 2008


New Year's Eve dinner: Croque Monsieur

A friend of mine recently gave me a thank-you note written on a note card with a photograph of these delicious sandwiches on the front and the recipe on the back. That was trouble. I was immediately trying to think of an occasion for making these double-cheesy and sinful delights.

New Year's Eve seemed like the perfect last meal. They were delicious, but extremely rich. Watch yourself with these bad boys. Last night's ringing in of the new year was just like every other New Year's Eve for about the past four years. We eat something decadent for dinner usually followed up by a dessert that's equally gourmet (last night was Creme Brulee). Then we cozy up on the couch to watch movies - whereupon I usually fall asleep about 30 minutes in. Then, about 2 minutes before the clock strikes midnight, the husband will make a bunch of noise so I wake up and we can see Dick Clark announce the countdown together. That's exactly how it went down last night. Not quite a Holly Golightly evening.

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