Monday, March 10, 2008

little sandy monsters

I just realized I never posted a picture here of the Easter bibs. (Imagine that - something I said I was going to do and I actually did it!) Initially, the front of the bib was going to be just the printed design. A little jam in the printer left a black smudge on the right side of one print, so I fashioned this patchwork strip to cover it up. Liked how it looked so much that I did the same thing with the others even though those didn't get smudged. Error leading design.
It was another beautiful weekend here in SoCal. We found ourselves at the beach after taking the kids on the brand new Sprinter commuter train that started running yesterday. It was completely insane of us to try it out on the very first day - what were we thinking??? Not only were we smashed in there like a NYC subway during rush hour, but we also had the clunky stroller which I folded up and held for several stops until there was enough wiggle room to set it down. But when we finally got ourselves to the beach we saw what a gorgeous afternoon it was on the sand and it immediately made it all worth it. The tide was waaaaay out, so there was an endless expanse of sand for the kids to run on. Wet sand. These boys of mine love wet sand. The little one would scoop up sand, throw it down with a splash and then giggle uncontrollably. Fortunate for us, my parents live walking distance to where we were so we were able to get them over there for an outside shower. They were little sandy monsters.
So I've been inspired by several Aussie artist/bloggers who are into pattern design. (Lara Cameron, Aunty Cookie, Cheeky Beaks) I've been wanting to get back into some silk-screening and thought I should come up with some kind of pattern that can be repeated for running some fabric. Lara was awesome enough to provide this great illustration for creating a repetitive pattern. I've always loved the way a silk-screened image looks on linen fabric. So I've been sketching up a storm trying to design something that would print well. Even woke up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep the other night. Couldn't stop thinking of designs and finally had to just get myself up out of bed to draw for a bit before my mind would settle down and let me go back to sleep. So we'll see if I can come up with something. That'll be my project for the next few days.

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