Monday, March 03, 2008

into the groove

Finished this painting I started last June. I remember we were camping on the beach and I was inspired by beach pebbles with circular patterns on them. All I had to do was finish painting the wings. Took me all these months to get around to painting those wings.

The weekend was nice - but I'm left feeling a little guilty that I'm the one here at home while the husband is off at the salt mines. I feel like I'm finally into the groove here at home - not falling too behind on housework, keeping up with the kids (getting them fed, entertained, bathed and to bed) and now finding time for some of my creative endeavors again. But when I'm having a good day - like today - always in the back of my mind is that the husband is off at the office head-high in stress. I wish we could both be at home, living as artists - he writing, me doing my thing and the kids finding their own creative outlets. I'm convinced that if we put our heads together and thought long and hard about it we might be able to figure out a way to do it. Can we?

Edit: Prints now in the Etsy shop!


Josie said...

Maybe I'm overly hopeful and naive, but I really believe we can find a way to live our intended will just take time/courage for us to find the ability to do so. My hope/bet is that you and T will somehow,someway figure out a way to create your own little heaven/utopia... And selfishly, I hope it involves you guys both working from Hawaii! I can see it now, T writing editorials/freelancing for a local newspaper, you stitching on the beach in a lawnchair, watching your boys frolicking in the surf, doing the occasional paycheck architectural project. I think you'd love raising your boys in Hawaii- it's so multicultural and full of love!!! On the weekends you can garden and tend to the pineapple, papaya and bananas, and T can go fishing with the boys, finally take up hula lessons, etc. ;-) See? Aren't you ready to move with us?!! COME! COME!

PS- Happy Girls Day!

MyArtInProgress said...

I love your painting.