Wednesday, March 26, 2008

should be busy

So behind - so behind. Here it is at last - the giraffe painting with wings. It's been done awhile, it's been photographed and even uploaded to the computer for awhile. But I just haven't been sitting down in front of the computer much these days. Little boys don't like it when Mommy is at the computer. It's times like this when I really miss the laptop. The younger one is finally asleep for nap now and all I've gotta do is try to keep the older one from waking him up. A challenge to say the least.

Our wonderful friends are expecting their first baby soon and have been using my designs to decorate the nursery! Check out these photos!

It is official... Out of the Box*California will be at the Maker Faire's Bazaar Bizarre in San Mateo this May. Things should be busy in my little workroom. Should - key word here. Will they? Well, with the stars aligned just right, with happy little boys not having temper tantrums and a whole lot of luck I just might be able to make time for some new things. So, the Etsy shop may not have any updates for a bit so I can get some inventory built up. (like I update all the time - believe me, I always have intentions of updating) Ah - big boy woke up little boy. I probably jinxed it by writing that... time to go be Mommy again.

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