Tuesday, March 04, 2008

whole bunch of time

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Keeping to my word on trying to get that little Etsy shop of mine stocked up. Trying to squeeze in some drawing and painting and sewing wherever I can. The other thing that's helped is the TV rehab I've put myself in. Such a bad habit to turn that sucker on as background noise. When I don't, my mind spins with ideas and thoughts and plans. So much better for me to be thinking about things I want to do than... oh, oh, what did Rachel say? I've seen this episode of Friends fifteen times, but oh, oh what did she say??? It's also been Diet Back On time. Lost 5 pounds last week - not bad, huh? Only 5000 more to go! So I've been finding that there's just a whole bunch of time to be had when I'm not standing in front of the kitchen cabinet/fridge mulling over what to munch on. And when I get that itch to eat I just sit down here and work. I should be hopping on that elliptical machine sitting not more than 30 inches away from me, but I'm just taking little baby steps here folks.

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